Thursday, 4 April 2013

Architect or Sledgehammer? Dreaming of Renos.....

Well, here we are, the beginning of April.  The time of year when we start seeing longer days, warmer temps and what I consider Spring Fever! I jump up excited each morning to tackle the day, chores seems less chore-ish and my mind is constantly reeling with ideas. 

More sunshine = more energy!!!

One of the projects that we have on the books this Spring is to hire an architect. We have been living here for almost a year now, and have come to the conclusion that some walls need to come down. 

We have updated the colour, trim and landscaping since this pic was taken. But this gives you an idea of the architectural features we are dealing with.

The kitchen/dining room/living room area in particular has been begging for expansion. We are a typical family that spends most of our time in these areas of our home. Kids on the dining room table doing homework and crafts (very rarely do we eat in there) and the living room feels very detached from the kitchen, where I spend endless hours each day prepping, cleaning and cooking. In the middle of this room trio is a stairwell to the finished basement where the kids spend a lot of time. I have visions of this area opened up including the stairwell to the basement ..... I guess we'll see what the professionals say.

Hallway from front entrance to kitchen and basement stairwell ahead. Living room to the left. Dining room to the right. And yes, we are planning to change all flooring during this reno! Blue slate or pink carpet anyone?

Now we have lived in open concept design before, and it was too much noise for a family of seven. You couldn't get away! So we don't want to knock down every wall, we would like to keep a couple of the main ones for proper division of space. We also have some high sloping roof lines and some that are completely flat. Hence, an architect will be needed to guide us so that we maintain the architectural features and stability of our home.  

Bump out breakfast nook and alter deck. Would also like to upgrade to French doors. :-)

Our kitchen is very dated and poorly laid out.  I have not enjoyed cooking a single meal since we moved here ..... and I love to cook! So along with this renovation, we would also like to add a mudroom/laundry and bump out the breakfast nook. Our garage is attached so we would also like to have that insulated and do a small addition there for sports equipment.

Holy, when I type all of this it sounds overwhelming! 

I always find it takes us about a year to live in a home and decide what needs to be changed. I'm glad I didn't take my sledgehammer to the kitchen on Week 2 when I realized it was a nightmare! After hours, and hours, and hours, and hours and hours of meal prep and entertaining in the space, my ideas have come full circle. 

I have also taken the time to ask around about suitable architects for this job. Builders, contractors, tradesmen, friends and neighbours have been more than willing to share their experiences.

I'm looking forward to this project. Even though it is a big one, and there will be times of stress and tears, I know in the end it will make this space more useful and comfortable.

Anyone else planning or dreaming of some Spring/Summer renos? Knocking down any walls? Who else loves demolition as much as I do?


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